Americana Student Center

Success Stories from Satisfied Parents and Students

I received my report card yesterday and was excited to see that I had made first honors. Your efforts are one of the main reasons for my achievement. You showed me how to be more organized and that helped me a lot with my schoolwork. You have given me confidence in my ability to do the class work and pass the tests. Thank you for all you have done. You made the 6th grade a great year for me. - N.S., Garden City


Andy and Kerianne have made tremendous strides forward in both reading and math since they began instruction at Americana Student Center!  I love the proud smiles on their faces when their mastery certificates come home!  I'm confident the progress they've made at Americana Student Center is what keeps them propelled ahead in the classroom! - Mrs. S.I., Oceanside


Thank you so much for all of the help I received at Americana. I took a practice SAT “cold turkey” and didn’t do as well as I could have. After only a few sessions with the English tutor and the math tutor I learned not only how to study effectively for the test, but also how to strategically select the correct answer. From this I was able to raise my score around 300 points. I definitely think this improved score played a part in my acceptance to Vanderbilt University, Boston College and Tulane University.
Thanks again.                   ER, Cold Spring Harbor

Thank you for helping Jonathan prepare for his SAT's. I've enclosed a copy of his test score and analysis for your review. Jonathan's improvement after taking your course was truly remarkable. It exceeded my expectations and needless to say he is quite happy with his score. You can be sure his brother Michael will be seeing you in class! - Mr. A.G., Oceanside

Thank you and the teaching staff for all the help that you have given me over the past several years. I was recently accepted at my first choice, Columbia University, and will be starting there in September. - D.K., Rockville Centre.


It is with pleasure that I tell you that I have been accepted to Chaminade High School, which was the high school of my choice. I am writing to thank you and my tutor. Michele, for your patience and teaching. This was a big help in preparing me to take the Catholic High School Entrance Exam. Because of your help, I was familiar with the material and more confident.
Thank you again, and we will not hesitate to call you if I need additional tutoring.
Sincerely yours,       J.D., East Rockaway


I am writing to thank you and your tutors for the fantastic results with my son Kenny. He scored a 75 on the Math regents and an 80 in the class! I wish I had known about your center during the school year -- when Kenny was struggling with math I would have sent him to you then. September starts Kenny's senior year and if I feel he is having a problem, believe me I will be getting in touch with you! Again, my deepest thanks. - Mrs. A.M., Oceanside


Americana Student Center has given Meghan wonderful self-confidence and the desire to excel in her school work.  Since she started her instruction at Americana Student Center, she has advanced several levels in both reading and math.  She thoroughly enjoys the individualized attention of her instructors and thrives in the supportive environment. Her work at school has improved immensely. - Mrs. B.L., Rockville Centre


My son's confidence in math has improved since he started going to Americana Student Center.   He is no longer afraid of tackling tough math problems.  He looks forward to his time at the Center and brings his new-found enthusiasm to his class work.  - Mrs. J.T., Rockville Centre


My son is in the math honors class but he found some areas of the math to be very difficult and began to feel "down."  I'm a working mom and it was hard for me to find the time to help him.  Going to Americana Student Center has really smoothed the way for him.  He is much more confident in his math now.  - Mrs. T.K., Baldwin             


My daughter has shown excellent improvement in her reading since she started at Americana Student Center.  She is much more confident and self-assured and is eager to try new words.   She's better able to sound out words phonetically and recognizes many sight words too.  She can actually read short stories to us!  As she says: "It's fun to read!" - Mr. J.G., Oceanside


My daughter enjoys coming to the Americana Student Center!  Not only have her math skills improved, but her self-confidence has also increased.  Her instructors are very supportive and helpful. The positive reinforcement has meant a great deal to her.  - Mrs. L.D., Rockville Centre


My son is very excited about coming to Americana Student Center.  He sees himself improving in his skills and as a result his self-esteem and self-confidence are improving.  He absolutely loves to earn tokens!  I see a definite improvement in his school grades.  We are very happy that he's coming here.  - Mrs. T.A.T., Valley Stream


Ever since my daughter began after-school instruction at Americana Student Center, her attitude toward school changed.  She has more enthusiasm now toward her studies.  I certainly can see the difference!   - Mrs. S. T., Rockville Centre


School has always been a challenge for my son, Andrew, for many reasons.  My challenge was to find a tutoring service that would make him want to learn.  I found that in Americana Student Center.  The adaptive learning environment is conductive to both learning and blowing off steam. Children have the ability to get a right answer and then immediately receive recognition for that success.   That's very important to a child and it makes him want to learn more!  I give my thanks to Nancy and her loving staff every time I go there.  - Mrs. D.L., Rockville Centre


Jimmy loves coming to Americana Student Center! Every day when he gets off his school bus he asks if he's going to Americana after school.  It's been a perfect match for him.  He sees himself improving immensely in his skills and is more eager to read now.  His confidence is way up.  He's sparked!  I'm so thrilled!  D.H., Rockville Centre                 


When we first enrolled the children we weren't sure how they would feel about it.  Now they really enjoy coming, especially as they see themselves advancing, each in their own individual reading program.  They love earning tokens and they especially like the positive and warm environment at Americana Student Center.  It was a very good choice! - Mrs. D.R., Freeport


Our son has advanced in school and has gained so much self-confidence since he started coming to Americana Student Center.  He loves the friendly environment and always says he has so much fun there.  I guess it's true that children learn best when they are having fun.  It certainly is true in Patrick's case!  Mrs. M.H., Valley Stream


My daughter is so much more positive about her work at school now.  I wish I had known about Americana Student Center sooner!  - Mrs. A.S., Baldwin


My daughter is now benefiting from the reading and writing programs at Americana Student Center, as my son did 4 1/2 years ago.  She says, "Americana Student Center is a great place to learn!' - Mrs. C.A., Rockville Centre


Kerrianne has improved so much since starting at Americana.  She is very comfortable and confident in herself and much more secure in her work.  No longer does she "Give Up"!  She is much more positive in her attitude -- and her grades are definitely up!  - Mrs. E.I., Rockville Centre


Ever since he started at Americana Student Center, my son has become more organized, more alert, and more focused on his school work.   - Mrs. L.G., Baldwin


Your program is wonderful!  The 72 hours of instruction have been very beneficial and well worth the investment.  I want to thank you and your teachers for their expertise and consideration in tutoring our son.   - Mrs. W.M., Rockville Centre


Since starting at Americana Student Center, Lauren has seen an improvement in her reading and study skills.  This has allowed her to develop a more mature, responsible attitude toward her school work. - Mrs. P.B., Oceanside


The twins have gained tremendously since they started their reading program at Americana Student Center.  They love to go and are excited as they see their skills improve.  The program is certainly helping them as they prepare for the fourth grade NYS tests that are coming this year. - Mrs. D.O., South Hempstead


John has accomplished so much since he started at Americana Student Center.  He loves the warm and caring environment and I think this has been the greatest factor in his learning to concentrate on his work.  This was always a problem for him at school and his teacher at school is seeing a big difference in his focus.  - Mrs. J.C., Elmont


Americana Student Center has changed the way my child looks at "having fun." He has made excellent progress in his basic reading program in a short time, mostly because he enjoys it so much and is having so much fun!  - Mrs. Y.C-K, Hempstead


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